The Collective

BAGWIS is a collective of filipino cultural workers, activists, and musicians who began writing and performing original music in 1998 as a contribution to the first annual Kultural Night of Resistance celebrating the centennial year of Philippine Independance. Since then, Bagwis has composed several dozen pro-people songs and participates in community building for our youth, women, artists and migrante workers. BAGWIS music believes in THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE, in seeking genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines and in upholding human rights. In creating & performing this kind of music, BAGWIS hopes that it is contributing its humble share and effort in the overall struggle for justice and social change.

Collective Members

Je Cacnio • Vocals & Percussions • Profile
Randy Maguigad • Vocals & Percussion • Profile
Mike Querubin • Guitar & Keyboard • Profile
Raven Guerrero • Guitar & Keyboard • Profile
Andrew Luis • Bass • Profile
Ed Vergara • Percussions & Vocals • Profile
Demetrio Maguigad • Drums & Percussions • Profile
Rashid Rosete • Kubing, Percussions, & Support • Profile
Natalia Alvarez • Coordinator • Profile
Romeo Maguigad Jr. • Coordinator • Profile
Jennifer Asidao-Querubin • Writer & Cultural Worker • Profile
Riko Rosete • Writer & Cultural Worker • Profile

Former Band & Collective Members

Anna Rosete, Management 2006-2008
Sarah Lynn Pablo, Vocals 2001-2005
Ritch Querubin, Guitar & Bass 1998-2007
Steve Baz, Keyboards 2004-2005
Marlene Paez, Vocals 2004
Christian Tedoco, Bass 1998-1999
Julie Ocalena, Vocals 1999
Trina Ella, Vocals 1998
Margaret, Congas 2004

Artist Collaborators & Volunteers

Giau Truong, Lighting & Stage Design
Lakhi Siap, Tech & Stage Management
Charmaine Yang, Photography
Neal Agustin, Photography
Brenda Ilustre, CPMS