Rest in Power: Randy Maguigad

On Sunday, June 20 at 6:16 p.m. Randolph “Randy” Bassig Maguigad died due to blunt trauma to the chest at the Illinois Masonic Hospital in Chicago.

He was found unconscious mid-afternoon on Saturday, June 19th pinned between his vehicle and an electrical post in the back alley of his home by his neighbors. His lungs were severely damaged and had blocked oxygen to his brain causing severe brain damage. Upon arrival of paramedics, he was recessitated and immediately brought to the emergency room and later held in the intensive care Unit at the Illinois Masonic Hospital assisted by life support. Through the night, Randy’s vital organ’s began shutting down caused by the trauma with his heart compensating for the loss – he was a fighter. On Sunday afternoon, the decision to remove him from life support was made. His heart continued to pulse for about an hour until he finally passed.

He is survived by both his parents Romeo Sr. & Celia Maguigad, his two brothers Romeo Jr and Ralph. His memory and legacy also continues through his girlfriend Theresa Alanis and through his work through various community groups including the BAGWIS Collective and the Committee on Pilino Issues.

Wake services will be at the Hollerbach Funeral Home on 4024 N. Elson Ave. (north of Irving Park Rd) from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday June 24th. The family is also asking for Food Donations during the viewing services. Guests are also invited to bring their own printed image of Randy to share on a display during the services.

The Funeral will take place at the Immaculate Heart of Mary at 3834 North Spaulding Avenue (near Byron St.) on Friday, June 25th at 10 a.m.

Monetary donations can be made to support the family by making checks made out to Celia & Romeo Maguigad.

Randy was a poet, lyricist, Hip-Hop Artist, a community activist, a mentor and an inspiration to many people. He was widely known for being one of the lead vocalists for the Chicago-based music group and collective BAGWIS. His music and performance moved the public and for those that knew him personally, understood that it was his compassion, spirit, selflessness, curiosity, charm and beautiful heart that made him loved by us all. His love for music was powerful – believing that it could change the world. His latest project this summer was to organize an on-going open mic series for youth and artists in the Northwest side of Chicago – these open-mic nights will continue in his honor.

He facilitated community educational workshops for youth across the city of Chicago on identity, culture, community violence, Hip Hop and more for not just CPI and the Bagwis Collective but for other community arts organizations including Video Machete, Pintig Culutral Group, the Center Immigrant Rights and Community Arts and more. He was studying to become a Nurse at both Malcolm X and Wright College in Chicago.

For more information, please contact Demetrio P. Maguigad Jr. by calling 312-203-0562 or contact Theresa Alanis at 773-288-9120

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  1. Nadir Says:

    We are deeply saddened by the news of Randy’s passing. We were looking forward to meeting him and the rest of the Bagwis Collective, and enjoying their performance at the United States Social Forum on June 24.

    Thankfully our lives are enriched by the Collective’s contribution to our international, multicultural, multimedia arts compilation FForward Movement. Randy’s lyrics on the Bagwis track “Freedom” speak words that embody the work of each artist on our compilation:

    “Freedom, equality, righteousness, tranquility, independence! Civil rights, human rights! Get up and stand up and fight for this!”

    Rest In Power, Randy!

    Nadir Omowale, Co-Founder
    Change :: The Music

  2. Paul Miles Says:

    Condolences to family and friends of Randy Maguigad, i just read my email and this news was heartfelt for this a young man who devoted himself to make it a better world thru use of his talents. I c’m proud to be part of the historic compilation CD sharing a hope for needed change, RIP Brother Randy from Psul Miles ‘The Blues Man”

  3. Brian Tabalba Says:

    Hi. My name is Brian. 25 years old…lover of music and Hip-Hop. Record collector, drummer, and musician. I know you may not know me or that I may not know you or even Randy. But I feel as if I’ve already have. I’ve heard about what had happend to Randy by a really close friend of mine who happens to be Randy’s cousin, Ashley. I just want to say I’m deeply sorry for your loss and condolences to you, the family, and close friends of his…even his group. Yes, I am Filipino and a fellow Ilocano just like Randy. As I’ve heard about him, I’ve really felt connected to him in some way…and then some. I’ve felt so connected more to myself, not just an individual or a musician…but also a man. He’s got a great, unique personality and quality that I really admire in people. Sadly, there’s not enough people like that in the world. He’s shined so bright. Done so many great, wonderful, and beautiful things in life and lives spent here…I’m saddened that he has gone. I wish that I’ve met him…He’s just like me–music as a second home. Music being my life. I feel really inspired by him. Not only just a fellow musician and a fellow Filipino, but also that he’s paved a way for me, and I’m sure others, that nothing is impossible; A go-getter. I’ve heard really great and amazing things from him as I was talking to her cousin Ashley. I know she misses him. We all miss him…especially me. It’s another blow in life, as we are all connected in some way. It’s another blow in the realm of music/artists/musicians…as we are all connected to it. I felt as if we’ve lost a brother…a friend…that special someone. Though I might not know him, personally, or never had met him…I know that God gave him that talent…that weapon of talent that he’s used to give that positivity in life…in others and for himself. He’s a humble dude, for sure. I’m sure he has done what he’s done, and then some, for the love…and not for that bullshit, like money. Randy’s legacy, work, and life will for sure live on. Rest in paradise, brother. My unknown brother…I’ll see you when I see you…


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