BAGWIS Releases “UMALPAS KA!”: Rare Album of Unreleased Tracks to Support Fil-Am Youth Movement

Purchase the Album Now on at Soulworks Records!

CHICAGO – BAGWIS, a musical and performance group collective of Filipino immigrant and U.S. born activists, cultural workers, and musicians is releasing UMALPAS KA! (Break Free!) as a digital download available from Soulworks Records. UMALPAS KA! is the second release by the Chicago band and is a collection of seven previously unreleased studio sessions recorded in 2008.

The music follows the bands continued experimentation in fusing traditional instrumentation, hip-hop, funk and other global rhythms that began in its 2007 album premiere release of Imulat Mo! But true to their nature is their core message of raising social conscious, love for the motherland and creating a united front in the name of peace & justice for the Philippines and its people abroad in over 170 countries around the world.

As a commitment to their belief in social justice, BAGWIS is a sponsoring group for the upcoming national Filipino American youth consultation, Daluyong: Surging to Confront the Crisis of Out Times from July 24-26.

The conference aims to provide a venue to discuss, analyze, share and strengthen the work of progressive Filipino and Filipino American Youth/Student groups; to better serve and effect their local regional communities, build mechanisms of coordination on National Issues, and bridge the divide amongst the Filipino Diaspora in addressing Philippine and International concerns.

100% of all proceeds of the sale of the UMALPAS KA! release will be given to support the three day conference in L.A. up until July 24th.

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Contact Natalia Alvarez at  312-804-6898 or email Visit the Bagwis website at

Daluyong Conference
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